General Engineering

General engineering focusing on serial production and supply right to the client´s assembly hall: BAUMRUK & BAUMRUK s.r.o. uses the most up-to-date manufacturing equipment, guaranteeing high productivity and standards of the supplied parts.

Principal competitive advantages

  • Complexity of manufacturing technologies and supplied services: from design to raw material processing, via welding and machining to surface finishes and final assembly under continuous control within a single company
  • Modern production plant and technological background
  • Team of employees with long-term experience in many branches of industry
  • High flexibility and personalised approach
  • Focus on long-term cooperation
  • Ability to contribute to the continuous improvement of client´s product
  • Modern and high-performance software equipment of technology and construction (SolidWorks, SolidCAM, JetCAM HPN, AutoPOL Unfolder etc.), allowing among other things for the processing of multiple data formats, high effectiveness and flexibility of manufacture, creation of in-house designs, etc.
  • ERP system of production management guaranteeing accurate technological preparation, EDI interface, management and monitoring of the manufacturing process, material charge, etc.
  • Multiple certifications in the area of manufacturing quality management

Technological and manufacturing operations

Sheet metal processing

  • Laser cutting of sheet metal up to 3000 mm by 1500 mm sizes and 20 mm in thickness
  • Sheet metal bending with CNC press brakes up to 3000 kN and max. length of 4080 mm
  • Conventional pressing
  • Shears cutting, deburring etc.

Rod material processing

  • Rod cutting up to a diameter of 330 mm with NC band- and circular saws
  • Pipe and profile bending up to a diameter of 50 mm x 2 mm with modern CNC bending machines

Welding and other workshop operations

  • Conventional welding using MIG/MAG/WIG methods up to a weight of 5 t with modern pulse welding machines
  • Point welding
  • Robotic welding using MIG/MAG/WIG method up to a max. weight of 1 t and a length of 2500 mm with a modern welding centre
  • Subsequent grinding operations, straightening and related operations
  • Pressing of binding joints, montage, etc.


  • Conventional and CNC machining; high-productivity three- and four-axis milling and lathing centres
  • Lathing up to a diameter of 800 mm
  • Milling up to a length of 1626 mm and weight 5 t
  • Other machining operations - shaping, drilling, grinding, etc.

Surface finishes

  • Steel grit blasting of parts up to the part size of 1800 mm by 1800 mm by 2800 mm
  • Powder painting up to the part size of 1500 mm by 2000 mm by 6000 mm
  • Pearling, washing
  • Outsourced zinc coating (hot dip, galvanic), chrome plating, elloxing, nitrification, etc.


  • Construction and jig production
  • Modern equipped quality control
  • Automatic warehouse systems


  • Thermal processing of metals (tempering, annealing)
  • Casting (cast iron, steel, aluminium)
  • Forges
  • Laser Tube cutting
  • Laser welding

For more information about our technology options see the machinery section.

Typical metal products of BAUMRUK & BAUMRUK, s.r.o.

  • Mechanical parts for building and agricultural machines – revolving consoles, frames and their parts, entry steps, cabs, rails, handles, metal covers etc.
  • Mechanical parts for electrical engines – toothed wheel, sheet-metal covers, fixing devices etc.
  • Parts of medical devices – stainless reinforcements, sheet metal covers, handles etc.
  • Pistons, shafts, pivots, frames, cast processing, etc.
  • Fireplace inserts parts
  • Assemblies – collectors, secondary suspensions, etc.

Examples of our products here